Saffron Emergency on Campuses! Ban for those who critique and impunity for those who silence dissenting voices: Sucheta De

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This is a guest post by Sucheta De

ABVP Beating up AISA activists at Delhi University May 2015 ABVP Beating up AISA activists at Delhi University May 2015

The task of higher education in any era besides imparting professional skills should also be to encourage critical consciousness among youth whereby they can critically perceive the surrounding situations and critically reflect on their actions and thoughts and thus contribute to the betterment of the society. Unfortunately, the onslaughts on affordable quality higher education that could inculcate such a consciousness just seem to increase with every passing day under the saffron regime. Today what we face in campuses across the country is a saffron emergency that is being ably executed through two key instruments- On one hand we have the obedient Vice Chancellors and Directors inside University offices who mutely nod their heads to each and every diktat of the MHRD and on the other hand there are the rod-wielding saffron activists…

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This is a dangerous trait what exactly is the difference between these religious radicals. How can educational institutes even allow such kinds of lecture in their premises.Asking Saffron clad speakers to talk on spirituality in guise of advocating religious manifestations. How can institutes like IIT or Harvard even pursue such an idea.

According to me educational institutes should b kept completely neutral not using the word secular to mean it in western or Indian concept.

 Promoting the idea of respecting each other’s belief faith and worship is a sane approach but seeking to bring in people radicals from any of these self proclaimed aware and super spiritual and holiness into education and filling the young minds with either x y or z is simply unacceptable. Neutrality simply means as a grown up adult the student is free to pick up things for himself-his own from various twigs and branches of society. Educating and rational thinking is the sole purpose and that is what needs to be imparted from the basics of science literature maths etc. in schools or colleges.

Rest culture religion faith is what family or society u live in has their own free flow to install values good or bad. Agreed students are one of the basic components of a healthy society  but then dodging responsibility to fill in the vaccum of  values in them through religion solely is not justified. Helping a person to grow schools colleges parents home neighbors relatives movies culture songs nature every one has specific roles. Over stepping onto each other and coloring roles with the brush of predominantly religion is a dangerous divide. This needs to stop.



Long Long time….So 2015 slipped in already..and I am m in my 30z..gosh..adulthood it so challenging man !!
So here some random thoughts on this contagious aspect..L.O.V.E.
Love is a curious thing..predictability involved at the initial years positively & den same predictability subtly turns into annoyance when words & actions of your partner seems so obvious….Love…when new is so fresh like a wake up every morning just wanting to spend every moment of the day doing something or nothing with him or her..watching moments become memories.
and then you get married..Have beautiful Kids perhaps and then things change.
you fight n you fight over NOTHING..either a bad work day, or a loan pressure or a thought process of an alternative life. You grow to loathe the person you so used to love to wake upto next. you talk less..and then lesser..and when you talk it is a firework loud & rude. Then we mellow down..adjust and clearly shift focus on kids future..but then life as it is does not give way even over so much of compassion and understanding
. Look around the people in love one has to completely surrender and giving it a socially acceptable name of commitment.
Sour hurt broken and simply powerless to stop the inevitable wreck we all seem to foresee.
But Love still lingers around now turned into need to support each other through mid age crises and then towards old age. We may rediscover what we started off the first day we met as strangers trying to be in the most appropriate manners, attire and voice mobility. But then who has the patience to hold on till that moment of truth when life is about to give way to the ultimate truth and that is death….may be we all realize the social acceptance and suitability we seek to sneak in to fit in perfect into this society….we gamble ourselves.
Think…Recollect…resonate it is relatable.


Long Long Long Time !! huh!!
So when I sit down blogging there is kinda upheaval back in my Homeland. There is this mother of all festivals gonna take place yes! the General Elections!! Other wise a festive country in din & despair we always have a reason to celebrate courtesy the range of religion,caste, ethnicity and the pluralism we pretty boast of.
To be honest my apprehensions grow stronger of the fact that we as a nation have surely aged but in terms of democratic value we have yet to mature 😦 rise above religion, region, caste.
Sadness prevails when I have discussions with my friends who are all finally stuck into 3 personalities in today’s present politics.
My only point being I am only concerned of the fact that where there is law & order DEVELOPMENT follows. Even a certain section of society lives in fear and suppression how is it enough to justify the credibility of a certain person’s leadership. May the best judgement prevail.


I dream, rise up and then again my energies start draining down by dawn. 24 hours of a day can seem so short & at times pretty long. There is this big fear of failure within each one us and we all try very hard not to fail at the very first attempt but as human we err always. Well!it is meant to be that way isn’t Life all about “trials & errors”.
Dreaming big is such an easy job. Aspiring and being ambitious is rather easier. A goal without a hard work continues to remain a dream. I guess almost 70% of us aspire to do some passionate stuff in our life which may not be a “highly paid” 9 to 12 Job but like some things we LOVE to do. Again we generally fail to carry on with our dreams with a fear, self doubt holds us back. Trust me it’s even easier to preach but sharing makes the impatient mind calm, composed and back to level head.
May be the self doubt & Pusillanimity was getting over me and then a fresh air of self belief & happiness snuck in making me realize the fact that Hard work pays for sure & even if we are disgruntled sad hopeless lost or just directionless LIFE has so much to offer. But if one’s passion is to serve the million lot then such restricted thought of self glorification and self happiness should never cross ways and discourage you. Bigger dreams demand bigger sacrifices.
Comfort & Peace!
Chance favors the prepared mind.


“Bol Ki Lab Azaad Hain Tere
Bol Zabaan Ab Tak Teri Hai
Tera Sutawaan Jism Hai Tera.
Bol Ki Jaan Ab Tak Teri Hai.
Bol Ki Lab Azaad Hain Tere
Dekh Ke Aahan-gar Ki Dukaan Mein
Tund Hain Shole Surkh Hai Aahain.
Khulane Lage Quffalon Ke Dahaane
Phailaa Har Ek Zanjiir Kaa Daaman.
Bol Ye Thoda Waqt Bahut Hai
Jism-o-zabaan Ki Maut Se Pahale.
Bol Ki Sach Zindaa Hai Ab Tak
Bol .. Jo Kuchh Kahane Hai Kah Le!
Bol .. Jo Kuchh Kahane Hai Kah Le”- FAIZ AHMAD FAIZ.


Washington George (1732-1799)


I really don’t know how else to express my anguish….a feeling of pain & anxiety has sneaked in, the least I can do for the victimized soul!

Strength & courage to you both.


I am disturbed reading the news of death of this Indian woman Dr. Savita Halappanavar. All the more the reason of her death is much more upsetting and disgusting i.e. being denied abortion/termination of her pregnancy because it is an illegal act in Ireland. I am not here to comment or  judge on the historicity of such a Law which makes Abortion illegal but share my agony,anger ,abhorrence which fails to negotiate with my sense of reasoning.


My deepest condolence to the family. Death is the only truth of life, the antithesis of life seems unacceptable and unreasonable every time when we lose a near or a dear one.The loss is irreparable be it a natural death leave aside an accident or a cause of death like this. Why I say this is perhaps not only my emotional upheaval but also a certain set of reasoning and belief which I believe every right thinking person /law-abiding citizen should agree to a certain degree(if not completely,however because the difference of opinion/ideas paves the way for a just interpretation ending in a logical/rational say.)

As a human(man/woman/LGBT))I have a full right over my body , how come at the first place this personal dwelling be regulated to such an extent that a law can seize my right to take a decision for my own self to pro create or go for an abortion.

To defend an irrational law by bringing in a draconian religious dicta for “pro-life” doesn’t in any way substantiate my anguish  that any woman can at a legitimate state be ever denied her basic right to choose to go ahead with the pregnancy or not.

I am not anti-life but then one has choices /options only till a kid is unborn,the day it is there in this world you have a full responsibility for that child.

What if the pregnancy is out of a rape (by the husband or otherwise)?

What if even after conceiving the couple feels that they are not ready to take up the responsibility aptly for a good upbringing of the child?

What if such an incident occurs which was never anticipated denying them the liberty to carry on with the conception?

Hence a many what’s and why’s to the unforeseeable fluky sequel ? Family planning is a very personal issue hardly affecting any social system till the offspring who will be a grown up individual one day affects the society by his good/bad deeds primarily for the kind of upbringing he had.The issue seems unreasonable because it is not practical to the contemporary society  where a basic human right is being denied.Imposing one’s religious belief through practices like this seems an ungodly manner.

Okay What if I don’t believe in religion or god at the first place? Again confusing religion and god is a misconceived notion for many of us(The Irony being that I am yet to believe any even if I am a born christian and practicing christainity on papers only and even though this religious discourse leads to invade the peace & harmony of my marital bliss every time me & my husband sit down debating /discussing religion/God/faith/beleif,  he being a firm God fearing religious Christian).The set of cultural,social,belief system(i.e. religion) is no where supreme to being humane and compassionate at the first place.Leave aside the concept of ” God” which for a person like me who is still exploring/evolving to discover the buffer zone of  atheism & agnosticism seems to be an abstract,imaginary metaphysical entity “He is himself , an evolution of concepts that attempted to tame man’s initial ignorance”. With due respect to people practicing any faith/religion/Gods/Goddesses I vow my opinion.

In this global world where migration of people is an order of the day we can not afford to be insensitive to one’s belief/religion/faith or worship..So the point is a woman lost her life in such an unfortunate incident.We all aspire to give the best possible future to our children through ideal principles,manners,education & articulated upbringing.I am here advocating for a reasonable and lawful abortion and unethical act like say for female foeticide is a strong “NO”. The law of any nation  I believe is able enough to stand the test of time evolve and ably regulate and monitor people,places, customs or anything.

The investigation is on, many are terming it as a “medical negligence” but I contradict it by judging the position of that doctor who has this flickering light of terror which is always at the back of his mind reminding him of the  punishment of “life imprisonment” for carrying out an  abortion.There is ambiguity about the law and even the recent judgement of Irish Supreme court that in such a critical condition the mother should be saved, is not a help because the law hasn’t been amended yet.The law/statue anywhere is black and white,it is not in a mid way.It is the interpretation of law in which the trial is conducted but there has to be a clear cut law at the first place.The doctors are always under the threat to face the consequence. Agreeing to the fact that even if there had been a medical error/judgement/negligence on the part of the doctors this ambiguity in law gives a room to benefit of doubt to the accused.

It is equally important for people like us to realize who willingly go to work in other countries for a better life,opportunity measuring all the parameters of happiness/success/contentment being the amount of money we earn.The trend of delivering a child in developed countries like USA where a person is citizen by birth is a astute fashion for resident aliens. Migration also has an inbuilt subconscious acceptance that you have to abide by the rules/regulations and laws of that country so if one has a problem with their legitimacy you are free to raise your voice(but remember you are an alien anyways a second class citizen).

[Disclaimer: this is not with reference to anyone particular/specific in person]

[Irony: I am also an resident alien by now]

Child-birth is such a rigorous/life threatening  process and in every case it has it’s own medical uncertainties and complications involved, I still feel that the tragedy could have been averted if they would have delivered the baby back home knowing the stringent laws in case of any adversity but destiny as it is.

Sadly it has been predominantly accepted that  the developed countries are the only pioneers of successful and a happy life but the laws like these brings me back to senses that the line sadly blurs when there is a debate of equality,secularism,human rights and the same.

I just wish that Ireland amends its laws keeping in interest of its religious dogmas and also the basic right of every woman over her body (hence her soul) &  leading a life of dignity and respect.